Team Announcement: The Clippers

The Clippers will take the field as our fourth and final team and logo reveal.

They are led by one of the most intriguing Coach and GM combinations in the league.

Former Bite pitchers Chris Lawson (GM) and Paul Mildren (Coach) will be in control and are already aiming big in terms of marquee players.

A fun fact: Paul Mildren was the starting pitcher in the first ever Bite game. When he left the game he handed the ball over to reliever Chris Lawson.

No doubt, they will have some big names – and some big expectations – for the upcoming season.

Logo Reveal: THE CARP

Our third logo reveal belongs to the team led by General Manager Mark Haylock and Head Coach Paul Green.

Introducing…the Carp.

The team name is inspired by our favourite inhabitants of the local Murray River.

Haylock and Green have promised a young, fun and exciting team.

“I’m excited for our young players to go for a shot at the title,” he says.

Green, meanwhile, says he can’t wait until the league kicks off in October.

“It creates opportunities for young talented players. A potential show case league that will have more focus than that of club ball. It creates a more congruent pathway to the Bite and other advanced leagues. Coaches will benefit hopefully through applying more emphasis fundamentals and tactics,” he says.

The Carp are expected to field their marquee player spots with young, up and coming stars.

Logo Reveal: THE WASPS

This team is sure to send the Super League buzzing with anticipation.

General Manager Scott Pratt and Head Coach Adrian Chenoweth will be backing the team wearing yellow and black. Their hoping their team will sting the competition.

Chenoweth says he remembers how exciting it was to watch the old Wednesday night competition in the 80s. He says he hopes the SLBA creates a similar environment.

“I loved going with my brothers and parents to watch players who I wanted to be like. This is going to be a lot of fun,” says Chenoweth.

Pratt is convinced that there will be nothing but success for the Super League.

“It will be the best competition in Australia outside of the ABL,” he says.

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in registering for the Super League you can do so here.



Introducing: The CRUSHERS

We are excited to announce our first team name and logo in the first season of Super League Baseball – Adelaide.

The Crushers will be run by General Manager Michael Dunn and Head Coach Scott Gladstone.

The logo references South Australia’s incredible and sophisticated wine region. The logos were prepared by The Bayside.

GM Michael Dunn, a former ABL All-Star and Bite assistant coach, says he can’t wait for the Super League to start.

“I’m excited about the growth and development of all players. They’ll be playing in a league stronger than club baseball with the best players available in SABL,” he says. “That’s only going to make all players better, especially the younger players, by giving them a chance to grow, shine and move on to the next level – whether that be with the Bite, College or Pro Ball.”

Dunn says he sees big potential for the league.

“We want to strive to make [baseball better in SA] and make it the envy of the sport in Australia. This league can be something everyone wants to play in.”

Dunn and Gladstone are hard at work have secured their four marquee players which will be announced shortly.



Coaches and General Managers Announced!

Super League Baseball Adelaide has kicked off with a swell of excitement.

Earlier this week we revealed that there would be a brand new four team, nine week competition on Wednesdays at West Beach from October – December featuring the best players in South Australian baseball.

Each team will be run by a coach / general management combination who will be tasked with recruiting four marquee players and then selecting players who register for the draft.

If you are a player interested in declaring for the Super League draft you can register at

We are pleased to reveal the four Coach and General Manager combinations of the inaugural season of the Super League. Team names and logos will be revealed in the next week.

TEAM 1: Michael Dunn (GM) and Scott Gladstone (Coach)

General Manager: Michael Dunn
Head Coach: Scott Gladstone

Michael Dunn and Scott Gladstone have come together to create a formidable combination of experience at the highest level of Australian Baseball. Both have pedigree and a wealth of knowledge that will give them an edge.

Dunn played over 300 games in the original ABL and was the Giants 1996 Team MVP and league All-Sar. He is the all-time Giants leader in on-base-percentage. He also represented Australia on numerous occasions including the U19 World Cup and at a competition with the Senior Team in 1995 in Nicaragua.

Gladstone is the career batting average record holder at Parkland College (Junior College), University of Tennessee at Martin (D1) and Adelaide Bite. He is a 6 time A-Grade Premiership player at Kensington Baseball Club.

Both Dunn and Gladstone are current Adelaide Bite assistant coaches.

Gladstone says he wants to create a squad will be a fun team to be a part of.

“Our goal is to put together a team of good guys that truly enjoy being around one another,” he says. “Overall, I’m excited to see the improvement in South Aussie juniors as they get an opportunity to compete against a higher standard on a more regular basis.”

Dunn says he is excited about the growth and development of all players playing in a league stronger than club baseball with the best players available in the SABL.

“That can only make all players better, but especially the younger ones,” he says. “It’s an opportunity to grow and shine and then move to the next level whether that be with the Bite, college or pro ball.”

TEAM 2: Scott Pratt (GM) and Adrian Chenoweth (Coach)

General Manager: Scott Pratt
Head Coach: Adrian Chenoweth

Scott Pratt played in both of BaseballSA’s previous Wednesday night competitions in the late 80s and mid 90s and takes the helm of a team in the new incarnation.

Pratt says this format is all about bringing in good people and pushing players to become better.

“Having played in the last two competitions I found that playing in a higher standard of competition not only improved my baseball but it was fun to play with guys from other clubs,” he says.

“It is going to improve our Bite players, our up and coming Bite players and competitors in club ball. This will give extra opportunities for our junior players to be involved with elite baseball.”

Pratt has an impressive background. He played for the Giants in the 90s, played 540 Div 1 Games, 740 Club Games, 3 time Premiership Player, and 3-time Div 1 Best and Fairest for the Goodwood Indians.

Pratt is one of the most respected names in South Australian baseball and welcomes another well-respected name, Adrian Chenoweth, to head up his coaching staff.

Chenoweth played Division 1 Baseball from 1995 to 2017, playing nearly 600 division 1 games for Golden Grove and Kensington. He coached senior baseball at Divison 1 level for nine years.

“I’m excited about the Super League because I’m old enough to remember watching the old Wednesday night competition in the 80s. I loved going with my brothers and parents to watch players who I wanted to be like,”

Chenoweth says he is going to try to build a team with great defence.

“With this competition coming back it will do great things for baseball in Adelaide,” he says. “It will be a lot of fun.”

Pratt adds it’s great to see so many coaches getting involved.

“This competition is bringing back some good quality people to the game and it also has given some younger coaches a great opportunity to improve their coaching,” he says.

“There certainly is a positive vibe going around the baseball community.”

TEAM 3: Mark Haylock (GM) and Paul Green (Coach)

General Manager: Mark Haylock
Head Coach: Paul Green
Assistant Coaches: Nick Hutchings and Glen Simmons

Mark Haylock is running an intriguing side that will likely be strapped with some of the best young talent and emerging coaches in the state.

Haylock played 20 years at Woodville and coached for 20 years. He had coaching stints with the Adelaide Bite and the SA Senior Teams, the Australian U19 and U17 teams, SA State U18, 16s and 14’s and the Goodwood Indians (three premierships).

As you can see, Haylock has a strong history of developing young talent.

“I’m excited about the opportunity for our best young players to play in a high quality competition,” he says.

Haylock’s staff will be run by baseball legend Paul Green and coaches Glen Simmons and Nick Hutchings.

Paul Green will roll into the ballpark every day on his Harley Davidson to lead a team that is expected to be a young and fun squad.

Green played for the Adelaide Giants, was an assistant coach with the Adelaide Bite and was a premiership winning coach with the Glenelg Tigers.

“I just love being involved in baseball,” Green says. “Love the game. And I hopefully have something to offer.”

Greeny says it’s great to work with a great team led by Haylock.

“Mark is a reliable and steady guy with a great knowledge base. I think through previous exposure through club ball coaching we have very similar values.”

Green leads a talented and emerging staff.

Simmons is jumping into the coaching ranks with an impressive track record. He played 700 A-Grade games with East Torrens, was on the inaugural Bite team, won two A-Grade Premierships, the SABL Batting Awards and made multiple state All-Star teams.

“I’m not only excited for the opportunity to be part of a great concept that will excite fans and push players to excel but the opportunity to coach a showcase of SA and international talent,” Simmons says.

Nick Hutchings is also on the staff. He is one of the youngest and brightest coaches in the state. Hutchings, 22, recently led the Seahawks little league team to a silver medal at the Australian Little League Championships.

Hutchings signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates at 16 years old and is a regular pitcher on the Adelaide Bite.

TEAM 4: Chris Lawson (GM) and Paul Mildren (Coach)

General Manager: Chris Lawson
Head Coach: Paul Mildren

Premiership winning SABL coach Chris Lawson is set to be the General Manager of a Super League team.

Lawson has playing experience in the SABL and ABL for the Adelaide Bite. He won Glenelg’s last premiership in 2016 as a coach. He brings playing experience from playing at Georgia College for four years in the early 2000s.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the best mix with the best,” he says. “It will be a fast paced environment that brings the community closer together.”

In perhaps one of the most exciting coups for the Super League, Paul Mildren makes his return to the elite ranks of South Australian Baseball as a coach.  It’s an interesting connection between the two that goes back to Adelaide Bite days. Chris Lawson relieved Mildren in the first ever Bite game.

Mildren was on the 40-man-roster of the Florida Marlins (MLB) in 2007. He has minor league baseball experience and played as high as AAA. He’s pitched for the Adelaide Bite and for Team Australia at various competitions including the 2009 World Baseball Classic.

“I’m excited for the chance to see SABL’s best talent playing together in an exciting new format that will challenge the strategy of some of the best baseball minds around,” he says.

When asked about the teams recruitment strategy, Lawson was reluctant to give away any secrets. But Mildren revealed this:

“Home run hitters x fastballs and splitters = winners!”, he says. “No frills. Just good blokes that know how to play the game right.”

BaseballSA Announces Super League

Baseball South Australia is excited to announce a new High-Performance initiative designed to showcase the best talent in the state.

‘Super League Baseball – Adelaide’ (SLBA) will be a four-team competition that plays every Wednesday night at West Beach between October and Christmas. 

The competition will see four drafted teams made up of the best players in the state participating in a 9-week competition, with a Semi Final and Grand Final after the regular season ends.

Each team will play each other a total of three times in the minor rounds.

The competition is designed to feature the best players in South Australian baseball and provide a challenge for coaches. It will also provide another avenue for some of the best young players in the state to take their game to another level.

The Super League is free for any player as long as they are registered with a local club. BaseballSA has made Div 1 scheduling allowances to make the players available on Wednesday nights. 

All players in baseball in South Australia have the ability to nominate for the draft and are encouraged to do so as soon as they can. You can register now at 

Each game will consist of seven innings and speed up rules. 

High performance manager Chris Adamson says there are plenty of reasons why players and club officials should be excited for the SLBA.

“Players will get a weekly taste of top-level baseball that is somewhere between ABL-level and Division 1. It will push players to improve, give them more at bats vs. quality competition, whilst playing with and against players from all around the world,” he says.

“Being exposed to best pitching and hitting that the state has to offer on a weekly basis will only help players when they play their club-ball games, especially in the stretch run in January.”

There are also some new rules which adds an element of strategy to the format.  There will be a pitching restrictions which limits a pitcher to either six outs or forty pitches.

The commissioner of the competition is BaseballSA legend Colin Alexander. “Big Col” is a Claxton Shield veteran, Capps Medalist and former coach. He was recently named to Kensington Baseball Club’s All-Time All-Star Team. 

The commissioner will oversee that the rules and regulations are adhered to in the competition. He will also have sole discretion to make any changes and adjustments and is under the guidance of the BSA board .
Each team will be run by a coach and general manager combination that will be tasked with running their ball clubs. The four combos have been confirmed and announced in the coming days. Each coach and general manager plays a significant role in the baseball community already. 

All four teams are able to sign four ‘marquee players’ to build their team around. Teams are already active in signing players.


The new Super League format will meet several High-Performance objectives including;

1. High Performance: the league will provide pathways for athletes to develop, improve and achieve.

2. Player Participation and Development: to continue to develop both players and coaches, whilst providing talent identification and athlete pathways.

3. Coach Development: Provide additional High-Performance coaching opportunities for the state’s elite coaches, whilst increasing the number of coaches being exposed to a high level of play.
4. Communication and Profile: the league will engage areas both internally and externally, creating linkage between sports and non-sports organisations using sponsorship.

The showcasing of the best talent from the local competition on a weekly basis aims to grow the following of baseball, which will lead to further participation at all levels. The heightened level of competition will aid in best preparing South Australian teams for National Championship success and athletes for ABL and National team selection.