Draft Review: The Carp

The staff of the Carp went fishing for talent and reeled in some of the best young talent in state.

GM Mark Haylock and Head Coach Paul Green will have a youthful, energetic and exciting team when the competition kicks off on October 10. As Haylock said after the draft: “Be careful. Don’t underestimate the young guys.”

With some of the pedigree these “kids” have the rest of the teams will surely tread carefully.

Let’s take a look at how the Carp are built. They had the fourth overall pick in the draft which means they didn’t get a “Top 3” player but they did haul in two picks in the first five.

MARQUEES: Curtis Mead (2B, West Torrens), Wilson Lee (P/OF, Woodville), Mason Clavell (C, Glenelg), Tyler Thompson (P, Goodwood).

The Carp have an excellent starter in import Tyler Thompson. You would imagine Wilson Lee will bat and play right field until the last inning or two when he hits the mound. Curtis Mead is South Australia’s most exciting young prospect after hitting .374 with the Bite last season. Mason Clavell has starred with all of SA’s champion teams – the U16s, U18s and Senior League winners. He broke in with the Bite last season.

Marquee player Mason Clavell will play a key role this year behind the plate. Featured with Paul Green (left) and Mark Haylock (right).


Pick 4 – Angus Roeger (OF, Sturt) – He’s one of the best hitters in the competition and has starred with the Adelaide Bite for the better part of the last decade. His best ABL season came in 2014/15 when he earned an All-Star selection for Team Australia. Roeger hit .378 with Sturt last season.

Pick 5 – Nathan Vanderlinden (INF, West Torrens) – The man they call “VDL” can play nearly every position, can run bases, has a great attitude and pitches too. He won the 2017 Grand Final MVP with the Eagles.

Pick 12 – Harry Knuckey (OF, Sturt) – He’s only 18 but Knuckey had a memorable multi-hit debut with the Bite last season. He finished his second full-season with Sturt and hit .270. Knuckey on track to feature more-and-more at the top level of baseball in Australia in the coming years.

Pick 13 – Tyson McKee (P, Port Adelaide) – Tyson was on track to finish among the SABL leaders last season as a 16-year-old. He had a 2.73 ERA as a starter before he got hurt. If he can rebound this is a fantastic pick for another promising young star on the Carp.

Pick 20 – Ryan Duncan (P, East Torrens) – The Carp added another pitcher early and they got Ryan Duncan who moved to SA last season. He featured with the Bite in the Australian Baseball League so this level will be no adjustment for him.

Angus Roeger was the first selection for the Carp. They got a great guy, excellent player and an awesome bat for the competition.

Pick 21 – Jay Sanderson (INF, East Torrens) – Sanderson hit .330 with an OBP of .430 with the Red Sox in 2017-18. Those sort of numbers will be great for the Carp.

Pick 28 – Ryan Muggleton (OF, West Torrens) – Muggleton memorably had the game winning home run in the 2016-17 Grand Final. He hit .288 last year.

Pick 29 – Ben Keeping (OF, Glenelg) – The 21-year-old just returned from a few years in the USA chasing his baseball dream. He picked up some valuable high school and college experience. Another rising star for SA who returns to Adelaide looking to take his game to the next step. Great value in the 8th round.

Pick 34 – Blake Farr (1B, Kensington) – Had a stint in Div 1 with Kensington and hit .230. He’s always improving and is part of the U16 and U18 champion teams from South Australia.

Pick 35 – Nick Carfora (P, Kensington) – Can play the field and can pitch. Will likely come in for a key middle inning or two.

Pick 42 – Liam Bull (Util, Henley and Grange) – At 16 he will be one of the youngest players in the competition. But the young ram has shown a lot of promise and is rising the ranks. This will be a good test for him in an environment loaded with promising talent.

Pick 43 – Thomas Norley (P, Golden Grove) – Norley made 21 appearances with Golden Grove last season and will feature as a pitcher for the Carp this year.

Pick 50 – Lachlan Burrows (INF, Henley and Grange) – Lachlan Burrows played SS for Henley and Grange last season and hit .272.

Pick 51 – Ryan Broome (Util / P, West Torrens) – Broome is another young kid who featured recently on state teams. He had an appearance in Div 1 but mainly spent time in Division 2 with a solid Eagles team. This is a great way for him to get more game time vs. quality competition.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.00.35 AM
Glenelg’s Ben Keeping returns to SA for a summer of baseball.

Pick 58 – Jesse Toepher (Util, Woodville) – He’s worked his way up the ranks from Div 3 a few years ago and keeps developing. Now gets a shot at the SLBA.

Pick 59 – Jack Higginbotham (P, Woodville) – This will be the biggest test yet for a player who is about to make the jump to U18s. Another promising young arm who plays at Seaton.

Pick 64 – Nicholas George (P / Util, Northern Districts) – An 18-year-old player with state team experience looking to get on track in the Super League.

ROOKIE: Zak Trevaskis (Henley and Grange)

POTENTIAL PITCHING ROTATION (40 pitches or 2IP limit, 7-innings or 2 hour timed games):
*Note: Completely Unofficial

P – Tyler Thompson
P – Tyson McKee
P – Ryan Duncan
P – Nathan Vanderlinden
P – Wilson Lee

The Carp have three solid pure pitchers to get to VDL and Lee who will need to be subbed out of the game once they pitch. They’ll use the bench but they have no shortage of pitchers.


C – Mason Clavell
1B – Wilson Lee
2B – Jay Sanderson
SS – Curtis Mead
3B – Nathan Vanderlinden
OF – Ben Keeping
OF – Harry Knuckey
OF – Angus Roeger
DH – Ryan Muggleton


  1. Curtis Mead
  2. Jay Sanderson
  3. Angus Roeger
  4. Wilson Lee
  5. Mason Clavell
  6. Ben Keeping
  7. Ryan Muggleton
  8. Harry Knuckey
  9. Nathan Vanderlinden

Note: Completely unofficial. A well balanced line up with solid pitching and batters. There’s not as much power as other teams but there’s plenty of talent and lots of players who have hit for high averages. Good defense too. It’s a balanced attack with loads of young talent. They should be fun to watch.

Draft Review: The Wasps

GM Scott Pratt and Head Coach Adrian Chenoweth entered the draft with two solid pitchers and a couple of fantastic hitters.

Stefan Welch (3B, Goodwood) and Austin Gallagher (1B, Kensington) can hit for power. Gallagher had 19 home runs in the last SABL season while Stefan Welch is arguably South Australia’s best hitter in the last decade.

Couple that with Bite pitcher Jackson Brebner-Russ, a guy that can hit and also pitch, and rising arm Tom Fitzgerald and it was already a solid base.

After the draft we’re left looking at perhaps the most potent attacking line up in the competition so far.

Let’s look at how they did.

MARQUEES: Stefan Welch (3B, Goodwood), Austin Gallagher (1B, Kensington), Jackson Brebner-Russ (OF/P, Sturt), Tom Fitzgerald (P, Kensington)

Pick 3 – Taylor Travess (OF, West Torrens) He’s been described as the “ultimate utility guy” and will be responsible for getting on base for the big bats to bring him home. The University of Oregon graduate is the Eagles import and he has been coached by former Bite-boss Brooke Knight.

Pick 6 – Tyrone Hambly (DH, West Torrens) – With Tyrone the Wasps have a reliable DH who is one of the smartest hitters in South Australia. He recently coached the U16 and U18 state teams to national championships and led the Eagles to an SABL premiership and minor-premiership. It’s not hard to see him as another leader on this team.

Pick 11 – Mitch Lightbody (INF, Sturt) – Another guy that can play around the diamond. Mitch is returning from a college stint in the USA and has experience with the Bite. He keeps working hard and improving his game.

Pick 14 – Sean Maple (2B/3B, Kensington) – Maple is part of the impressive crop of U18 national champions. He had a great Schoolboys tournament for South Australia and a great Don Rice League last season. He’s reliable defensively and will make a few flashy plays. This competition will force the best out of Maple.

Mitch Lightbody (left), Scott Pratt (middle) and Sean Maple (right). This is the likely tandem in the middle infield for the Wasps. Both promising young players in all aspects of the game.

Pick 19 – Tom McGarry (C/Util, West Torrens) – Another West Torrens Eagle selected and another player who can play multiple positions. Will likely catch to start the season. He has a good bat and got a crack with the Bite last season at 2B.

Pick 22 – Matt Watkins (P, Goodwood) – Matty Watkins had an epic Grand Final series with Goodwood pitching in every game en route to winning the Championship Series MVP. That included a stunning Game 3 start where he allowed only one run through seven.

Pick 27 – Dennis Christiansen (OF, Goodwood) – He won a premiership with the Indians last year. Hit .263 in an up-and-down year but has the ability to string together some hits.

Pick 30 – Kynan Skein (Util, Golden Grove) – Skein is another one of SA’s impressive group of teenagers. He is on the rookie list with the Bite and can pitch and play the field.

Pick 35 – Andrew Chesterton (P) – This was a great pick in the 10th round. The Wasps grabbed a pitcher who has ABL experience with the Melbourne Aces. The 6’6 lefty is going to be a key part of the rotation.

Pick 38  – James Bell (3B / INF, Henley and Grange) – Bell is a solid pick and a great depth guy to have on the team. Another one you can move around the diamond. Hit .265 in Div 1 last year for the Rams.

Pick 43 – Matt Rabe (P, Sturt) – An American working for the Bite this season who has baseball experience back home. He doesn’t throw hard but he’s smart and can get people out. Had a nice winter ball season and will look to bust in the Super League in style.

Kynan Skein (left) and Matt Rabe (right) with GM Scott Pratt. Both could be very high upside selections in this new format.

Pick 46 – Seeichiro Suzuki (Util, Henley and Grange) – A high school student from Japan studying at Seaton and playing for the Rams. A young kid with a decent bat.

Pick 51 – Joe Gluyas (C, Glenelg) – One of the U18 players who is now knocking on the Div 1 door. Another great opportunity for a young player to show his stuff in a quality competition.

Pick 54 – Elijah Collins (OF, USA) – If Elijah Collins comes then this is an amazing pick. Elijah nominated for the draft and said he’d fly out to play in the competition if he was drafted. Now he’s a Wasp. He just finished playing at Kentucky State and the report is he can fly around the bases.

Pick 59 – Tyson Arnold (Util, Glenelg) – Young Tiger with state team experience and Bite rookie list.

Pick 62 – William Burke (P, Southern Districts) – Got a taste of Div 1 last season with Southern Districts. We will find out if he can make the adjustments in a full season at this level.

Pick 67 – Brad Torkington (Util / P, Golden Grove) – Another two way guy looking to make adjustments to the top level.

POTENTIAL PITCHING ROTATION (40 pitches or 2IP limit, 7-innings or 2 hour timed games):
P – Tom Fitzgerald
P – Andrew Chesterton
P – Matt Watkins
P – Matt Rabe
P – Jackson Brebner Russ

They have four pure pitchers to use before they get to 2-way star Jackson Brebner Russ for an inning or two. Depth will be tested but it appears they have the bats to back it up.

Note: Assumes Elijah Collins is able to come play in the SLBA

C – Tom McGarry
1B – Austin Gallagher
2B – Sean Maple
SS – Mitch Lightbody
3B – Stefan Welch
OF – Elijah Collins
OF – Taylor Travess
OF – Jackson Brebner Russ
DH – Tyrone Hambly


  1. Elijah Collins
  2. Taylor Travess
  3. Stefan Welch
  4. Austin Gallagher
  5. Tyrone Hambly
  6. Tom McGarry
  7. Jackson Brebner-Russ
  8. Mitch Lightbody
  9. Sean Maple

Note: Completely unofficial. This is threatening to a major degree. If Sean Maple, a kid who hit .267 last year in the ABL and only getting better, is sitting in the 9-hole it shows how deep this line up is. Pitchers are going to have an absolute nightmare getting through the the line up. I’m not sure there’s a scarier middle of the line up than Travess – Welch – Gallagher and Hambly.

They’ll be fun to watch.

Draft Review: The Clippers

GM Chris Lawson and Head Coach Paul Mildren were looking to build around a really solid core of BaseballSA super stars. They added arms early and look like they could be a wagon in the inaugural SLBA season.

Let’s take a look at how they did.

MARQUEES: Alex Carter (C, Port Adelaide), Terrell Joyce (OF, Sturt), Evan LeBlanc (OF, Kensington), Dylan Brammer (P/SS, Southern Districts)

Note: Alex Carter was a late swap for a marquee player for Jordan McArdle, who will be a mid-season marquee player after he returns from the U23 World Cup.

Pick 2: Chris Burkholder (P, Glenelg) – Returning for a second season as an import pitcher, Burkholder is looking to build off an impressive injury-shortened SABL season where he had a league leading 1.05ERA.

Pick 7: Dylan Ridding (3B, Sturt) – A rising star in the making, Ridding was top 10 in the SABL in hits, average, RBI, runs, doubles and triples. Ridding hit .407 last year.

Pick 10: Tim Day (P, Glenelg) – A 6-2 record with a 3.41 ERA with the Tigers and a solid stint with the Adelaide Bite gives the Clippers some pedigree.

Pick 15: Tyler Chappell (P, Sturt) – A 3.54 ERA in the SABL and has two years under his belt in the ABL. Has experience facing a higher level of competition so that will come in handy.

From left to right: Tim Day (P), GM Chris Lawson, 3B Dylan Ridding, HC Paul Mildren and P Tyler Chappell. Solid early selections for the Clippers.

Pick 18: Sam McGarry (2B, West Torrens) – McGarry had a solid .361 batting average with the Eagles last season and is another weapon in an already seriously scary batting line up.

Pick 23: Karl Hoschke (OF, East Torrens) – Another big bat to round out the Clippers outfield. He has three years of ABL experience with the Bite and started in the ABL last year. A high value pick to grab this calibre of player in sixth round.

Pick 26: Dalton Probert, (INF, East Torrens) – A young player who loves the game and keeps getting better each year. Probert had an excellent defensive season with the Red Sox last year and should form a solid combo in the middle of the infield.

Pick 31: Grif Weber (C, West Torrens) – Grif has an U18 and U16 title under his belt and had his first stint in Division 1 last year with the Eagles. Now he’ll push his game to the next level in the SLBA.

Pick 34: Connor Hill (P, Glenelg) – A great guy who can pitch and play the field. Hill will be a valuable asset likely to eat a few innings this season.

Players like Dalton Probert will have an opportunity to up their skill in the Super League.

Pick 39: Luke Rackebrandt (1B, Port Adelaide) – Talk about a value pick. The Clippers grabbed a DH or 1B from Port who has been to back-to-back grand finals.

Pick 42: Austin McLure (P, Sturt) – McLure has big game experience in Senior League with the Armada and the U18 state team. He keeps getting better and will be a name most people know in the SABL if you don’t know him already.

Pick 47: Andrew Chapman (DH, Woodville) – Has some solid experience with Woodville and another bat to add to the line up.

Pick 50: Phil Acosta (INF, Henley and Grange) – The big addition here is speed. Acosta was fourth in the SABL in stolen bases and will be very useful on a team with big bats who can drive runs home.

Pick 55: Jack Dawson (Sturt) – A great opportunity for young Jack to push his game to the next level after some great experience at the Div 2 level. Great relationship with Sturt-man and Clippers head coach Paul Mildren.

Pick 58: Daniel Chapman (OF, West Torrens) – A solid pick up for a starting OF in the SABL of the team that’s been the “wagon” the last two years.

Pick 63: Declan Steel (P, Henley and Grange) – Pretty surprising Steel fell this far. He’s just returned from playing college baseball and is a solid LHP.

Pick 66: Allesandro Zoufail (P, Austria) – An unknown commodity, but could be solid if he cracks the line up.

ROOKIE PICK: Adam Wurfel

POTENTIAL PITCHING ROTATION (40 pitches or 2IP limit, 7-innings or 2 hour timed games):
P – Chris Burkholder
P – Tim Day
P – Tyler Chappell
P – Connor Hill
P – Dylan Brammer

They have four pure pitchers to use before they get to 2-way superstar and defending Capps Medalist Dylan Brammer in the last to close it out.

C – Alex Carter
1B – Luke Rackebrandt
2B – Dalton Probert
SS – Dylan Brammer
3B – Dylan Ridding
OF – Karl Hoschke
OF – Evan LeBlanc
OF – Terrell Joyce
DH – Sam McGarry

You could go with a number of combinations. The Crushers have some depth.


  1. Dylan Ridding
  2. Dylan Brammer
  3. Evan Leblanc
  4. Terrell Joyce
  5. Alex Carter
  6. Karl Hoschke
  7. Sam McGarry
  8. Luke Rackebrandt
  9. Dalton Probert

Note: Completely unofficial. A very scary, well rounded line up. You’d think with this experience they’ll be able to put up runs.

Draft Review: Dunmark Crushers

The Dunmark Crushers had the first overall pick and used it to their advantage.

GM Michael Dunn says he was debating picking recent QLD Bite recruit Todd McDonald or Port Adelaide import pitcher Anthony Herrera first overall. He ended up with both.

The Crushers already had a solid infield with arguably one of the best double play combinations in Jeremy Cresswell and Josh Cakebread patrolling the dirt. Add in 3x Capps Medalist Nick Talbot at third and perennial Best and Fairest contender Landon Hernandez and the Crushers are set up pretty before the draft even happened.

The Crushers needed a couple outfielders and a couple pitchers to really set themselves up. Let’s see how they did.

WHAT GM MICHAEL DUNN SAID: “I believe our selections were very solid. We have all bases covered which was the goal going into it. We have a good mix of imports, local talent and some up and coming juniors who will thrive around the class we have recruited.”

WHAT HEAD COACH SCOTT GLADSTONE SAID: “I’m really happy with our squad. We have a lot of quality players with plenty of moving parts and few unknowns that could surprise a few people. It should be and exciting competition.”

MARQUEES: Landon Hernandez (C, Henley and Grange), Josh Cakebread (2B, Goodwood), Jeramy Cresswell (SS, Goodwood), Nick Talbot (3B, Kensington)

Pick 1 – Anthony Herrera (Pitcher, Port Adelaide): Import coming to play SABL. Played university baseball at University of Louisiana-Monroe
Pick 8 – David Carroll (Pitcher, Gawler): Import coaching Gawler this season. Pitched at University of Maryland and has independent baseball experience in USA and Germany.

Gawler import David Carroll brings some serious size to the pitching staff

Pick 9 – Todd McDonald (P/OF, Southern Districts) :  QLD Bite recruit who is a former position player who signed a contract with Texas Rangers. Converting to a pitcher so is a real dual threat. A big body who can smoke the baseball.

Pick 16 – Ben Andrews (1B/Util, Henley and Grange): Another import who has impressive power numbers in college and Europe.

Pick 17 – Joel Chapman (Pitcher, West Torrens): Chapman has been really solid the last few years with West Torrens. Had an ERA just over 3.00 last season and won a premiership in 2017 with the Eagles.

Pick 24 – Matt Hutchings (OF, Southern Districts): The Crushers secured a reliable outfielder who can get on base. A player in his young 20s who you feel like is ready to hit his stride.

Pick 25 – Charlie Ashcroft (Util / P, East Torrens): Ashcroft is another guy who could be used in a variety of roles – as a pitcher or batter. He also is dangerous with the bat hitting .300 last year with the Red Sox.

Pick 32 – Jordy Grose (P, Woodville): Another reliable arm who can fill up a key two innings. A great pick at #32 for a guy who’s pitched in a couple grand finals.

Pick 33 – Chris Sims (1B/DH): A guy who can help provide some great leadership and a nice reliable bat. Sims has coached the Magpies to perennial dominance and back to back grand final appearances.

Pick 40 – Josh Tindall (P, Sturt): Tindall featured regularly out of the ‘pen for Sturt last season. He had the second most relief appearances in the SABL last year so he brings reliability.

Pick 41 – Travis Underhill (1B, East Torrens): This was a sneaky good pick for the Crushers in the 11th round. Underhill hit a sizzling .338 last year and was swinging it with some of the marquee names. Had a 100% fielding percentage at first base.

Pick 48 – Jacob Scott (INF, West Torrens): At 16 years Jacob Scott keeps getting better every year. He’s reliable defensively and this competition will help push him to the next level.

Pick 49 -Blayke MacMillan (INF, Kensington): An U16 and U18 staple, Blayke will get a chance to show what we can do against SA’s best. An awesome development opportunity for a budding talent.

Pick 54 – Jasper Clark (P/OF, West Torrens): Another up-and-comer. Scott Gladstone coached Scott, MacMillan and Clark at the School Boys tournament back in April and will get a chance to help develop them in the SLBA.

Pick 55 – Alex McKenzie (C, Adelaide): McKenzie will likely get a chance to catch when guys like Landon Hernandez get the call to the bullpen. Solid depth addition.

Pick 62 – Jarryd Ferrel (P/Util, Softball): Could be a great sleeper pick. The man they call Chops is one of Australia’s best softball players. He can crush the ball and is a World Championship silver medalist pitcher for Australia. Let’s see how he goes.

Can Softball star Jarryd Ferrell crack the line up?

Pick 63 – Luke Keogh (P, Goodwood): Impressive 1.80 ERA for Goodwood Div. 1 but only three appearances. This competition will test him to see what he can do in a stronger competition.
ROOKIE – Josh Ledgard (Kensington): A nice pick. Had a great Don Rice League last year.

MICHAEL DUNN ON THE TEAM’S BIGGEST STRENGTH: “We have experience and smarts we have on our roster. There’s a lot of big game players. There’s some unknowns with the imports but they all have impressive numbers overseas. Then, when we add Gary Owens as a mid season draftee , an MLB China player and 1st pick in mid season draft we will be a formidable force.

POTENTIAL PITCHING ROTATION (40 pitches or 2IP limit, 7-innings or 2 hour timed games):
P – David Carroll
P – Joel Chapman
P – Jordy Grose
P – Anthony Herrara
P – Todd McDonald

Quick Take: The SLBA has a strict pitch count with either 40 pitches or 2 innings pitched. A big strength of the Crushers is certainly the number of players that can pitch and hit. Guys like Hernandez, Herrera, Joyce and McDonald can all do both. But the problem they may run into is once a player pitches, he has to be removed from the game.  The Crushers will be relying on a depth of pitching and guys on their bench to fill in for the players that may sub out. Luckily for them, they appear to have drafted a really strong side that will see them use all the guys on the bench.

C – Landon Hernandez
1B – Ben Andrews
2B – Josh Cakebread
SS – Jeremy Cresswell
3B – Nick Talbot
OF – Matt Hutchings
OF – Todd McDonald
OF – Anthony Herrera
DH – Travis Underhill

You could go with a number of combinations. The Crushers have some depth.


  1. Josh Cakebread
  2. Jeremy Cresswell
  3. Landon Hernandez
  4. Ben Andrews
  5. Todd McDonald
  6. Nick Talbot
  7. Anthony Herrera
  8. Matt Hutchings
  9. Travis Underhill

Note: Completely unofficial. But if the Crushers have a guy that hit .338 in the SABL batting ninth, a 3x Capps Medalist batting sixth and an import batting seventh, and guys like Chris Sims and Charlie Ashcroft knocking on the door it’s the makings of a terrifying line up.

Super League Draft Results

It was a fantastic and historic night on Wednesday at the Highway as delegations from the Crushers, Clippers, Wasps and Carp gathered to select their teams. On top of that, about 70 family, friends and fans gathered in a room that was filled with excitement.

We saw the jersey reveal for all four teams in some sweet Blackchrome uniforms, announced that all games would be live streamed thanks to Spacequake Sports and that the Crushers would be sponsored by Dunmark.

Let’s get to who was selected.

1. Anthony Herrera, Port Adelaide (Crushers)
2. Chris Burkholder, Glenelg (Clippers)
3. Taylor Travess, West Torrens (Wasps)
4. Angus Roeger, Sturt (Carp)

5. Nathan van der Linden, West Torrens (Carp)
6. Tyrone Hambly, West Torrens (Wasps)
7. Dylan Ridding, 3B (Clippers)
8. David Carroll, P/OF (Crushers)

9 Todd McDonald, Southern Districts (Crushers)
10 Tim Day, Glenelg (Clippers)
11 Mitch Lightbody, Sturt (Wasps)
12 Harry Knuckey, Sturt (Carp)

13 Tyson McKee, Port Adelaide (Carp)
14 Sean Maple, Kensington (Wasps)
15 Tyler Chappell, Sturt (Clippers)
16 Ben Andrews (Crushers)

17 Joel Chapman, West Torrens (Crushers)
18 Sam McGarry, West Torrens (Clippers)
19 Tom McGarry, West Torrens (Wasps)
20 Ryan Duncan, East Torrens (Carp)

21 Jay Sanderson, Goodwood (Carp)
22 Matt Watkins, Goodwood (Wasps)
23 Karl Hoschke, East Torrens (Clippers)
24 Matt Hutchings, Southern Districts (Crushers)

25 Charlie Ashcroft, East Torrens (Crushers)
26 Dalton Probert, East Torrens (Clippers)
27 Dennis Christiansen, Goodwood (Wasps)
28 Ryan Muggleton, West Torrens (Carp)

29 Ben Keeping, Glenelg (Carp)
30 Kynan Skein, Golden Grove (Wasps)
31 Griffin Weber, West Torrens (Clippers)
32 Jordy Grose, Woodville (Crushers)

33 Chris Sims, Port Adelade (Crushers)
34 Connor Hill, Glenelg (Clippers)
35 Andrew Chesterton (Wasps)
36 Blake Farr, Kensington (Carp)

37 Nicholas Carfora, Kensington (Carp)
38 James Bell, Henley and Grange (Wasps)
39 Luke Rackebrandt, Port Adelaide  (Clippers)
40 Josh Tindall, Sturt (Crushers)

41 Travis Underhill, East Torrens (Crushers)
42 Austin McClure, Sturt (Clippers)
43 Matthew Rabe, Sturt (Wasps)
44 Liam Bull, Henley and Grange (Carp)


45 Tom Norley, Golden Grove (Carp)
46 Seiichiro Suzuki, Henley and Grange (Wasps)
47 Andrew Chapman, West Torrens (Clippers)
48 Jacob Scott, West Torrens (Crushers)


49 Blayke McMillan, Kensington (Crushers)
50 Phil Acosta, Henley and Grange (Clippers)
51 Joe Gluyas, Glenelg (Wasps)
52 Lachlan Burrows, Henley and Grange (Carp)


53 Ryan Broome, West Torens (Carp)
54 Elijah Collins, USA (Wasps)
55 Jack Dawson, Sturt (Clippers)
56 Jasper Clark, West Torrens (Crushers)


57 Alex McKenzie, Adelaide (Crushers)
58 Daniel Chapman, West Torrens (Clippers)
59 Tyson Arnold, Glenelg (Wasps)
60 Jesse Toepfer, Woodville (Carp)


61 Jack Higginbotham (Carp)
62 William Burke, Sturt (Wasps)
63 Declan Steel, Henley and Grange (Clippers)
64 Jarryd Farell, Australia Softball (Crushers)


65 Luke Keogh (Crushers)
66 Alessandro Zoufal (Clippers)
67 Brad Torkington (Wasps)
68 Nicholas George (Carp)

42677566_241986433163726_6894909084160491520_o (1).png

FOLLOW LIVE: Super League Draft – Information

The inaugural Super League Draft is set up and ready to go for a 6PM arrival and 6:45PM first pick. Here’s everything you need to know.

TIME: 6:45PM
LOCATION: The Highway, Glenelg

Tonight’s Proceedings

– The first 50 people (18+) who arrive will be treated to a beer thanks to Asahi
– 6:15PM, introduction + Commissioner’s Message
– 6:25PM, introduction of Marquees +  GMs, coaches and jerseys
– 6:45PM, first pick
– Format: 17 rounds. 5 rounds, break, 6 rounds, break, 6 rounds, break, rookie draft

How to follow along

– Head to the Super League Baseball Facebook Page for a live stream of select rounds and events.
– Make sure you head to Instagram and follow our account ‘slbaofficial’ for behind the scenes stories
– LIVE BLOG: Follow the action pick by pick at https://live.24liveblog.com/live/UjmLn


Draft Preview: 10 position players who could go early


Asahi Sponsors Draft Night

Draft-02 (1)

Asahi has stepped up to make Wednesday’s draft at the Highway one to remember.

The first 50 people who show up to the draft will be treated to a free Asahi beer on the night.

Additionally, every player in attendance who is selected will receive one complimentary Asahi beer to enjoy.

It is sure to be a great evening at the Highway as we figure out who the Carp, Crushers, Wasps and Clippers will select.

Here is a rundown of events:

5:45PM – Doors open
6:15PM – Introduction of General Managers and Coaches
6:30PM – Jersey reveals and introduction of Marquee players
6:45PM – First pick announced

Note: Beer token will only be given to those 18+. Only valid for an Asahi beer from the donated keg. Beer token must be redeemed before 7:30PM.

Draft Order-01

Draft Preview: 10 position players who could go early

Which position players could we see go off the board early?

Yesterday we summarised the Super League and took a look at some pitchers who we expect to be early selections in Wednesday’s draft.

Now it’s time to take a look at the players who will round out the line ups.

GMs and Coaches have their core players set and now will be looking to fill positions of need. As Andrew Scott said in September on the team’s marquee spots, most teams have power but who will get on base for them to bring home?

There’s plenty of great options so let’s dive right in with who could be off the board early.

Let us say that two way guys like Anthony Herrera, Nathan Vanderlinden, Taylor Travess and Tim Day were left out of here for this article’s sake. They were listed under pitchers, however, in yesterday’s story. It also does not include big threats like Bas Nooij and Gary Owens who both say the will play in the competition, but will likely wait until the mid-season draft.

Let’s take a look at ten possible players who could be high upside pick ups for any team. Once again, the list is completely subjective and just ten of 120 registered players for the draft. Let’s get started:

– Angus Roeger (OF, Sturt): You’d think the Adelaide Bite regular and former ABL All-Star will be right near one of the first position players picked. Roeger’s best ABL season saw him hit .285 and last season with Sturt he spanked the ball around hitting .387 for the year.

Angus Roeger (above) is one of the most reliable hitters in South Australia

– Dylan Ridding (INF, Sturt): This kid had a big breakout season in 17/18. He hit .407 with Sturt and earned some game time with the Bite. A middle infielder with some big hitting upside will be attractive.

– Griffin Webber (C, West Torrens) – Grif got his first taste of Div. 1 action last season and even a game with the Bite. The U18 National Champion hit .420 in a short 16-game stint that demonstrated what he can do. This sort of competition will be perfect for him to go to the next level.

– Duncan Izaaks (INF, Port Adelaide): He’s been lighting up the SABL for a couple seasons now and can be thrown on the mound as well too. He hit .364 with Adelaide and Port last year.

– Sam McGarry (INF, West Torrens): He hit .361 to really break out last season. Sam was a key part of the Eagles 2017 premiership side and will look to use this competition as a way of improvement.

– Mitch Lightbody (INF, Sturt): Another young gun who is home from a stint at college in the USA. Lightbody has played with the Bite before and is an emerging talent.

YOUTH MOVEMENT: Curtis Mead and Mason Clavell are already slotted in as marquee players and were members of the U18 National Championship team. Players like Harry Knuckey, Grif Weber, Blake Farr, Sean Maple, Blake MacMillan, Will Korteekas, Austin McClure, Joe Gluyas and Tyson McKee have all nominated for the draft. With rising stock and proving talent, they all could be valuable additions to a team.

– Karl Hoshke (OF, East Torrens): Karl has shown some big pop both in the SABL and with the Bite. He was once signed by the Atlanta Braves which shows the sort of talent he has. Can he string together a dominant year patrolling the outfield for one of the four teams?

– Alex Carter (C, Port Adelaide): Port’s keystone catcher had 31 RBI last season. He’s hit some big time home runs and can even jump on the mound if required.

– Harry Knuckey (OF, Sturt): One of the players who has won an U16 and U18 national title in recent years and has been a key part of various state and international teams. He had an memorable debut with the Bite going 3-5 in front of the home fans. As an everyday starter in the SABL last year he hit .270. This league will give the platform to 18-year-olds like Harry a chance to shine vs. the best

Jarryd Farrell is a World Championship silver medalist softballer. How will he go in baseball?

– Jarryd Farrell (Australian National Softball Team): The man they call ‘Chops’ is a member of the national softball team. He has serious pop and can hit a softball a mile. He’s one of – if the the best – pitcher in the country. He’s keen to give the Super League a go. But how will he fare at baseball?

Draft Preview: 10 pitchers who could go early

The newly formed ‘Super League’ has the South Australian baseball community in a tizzy. It will reach a whole new level on Wednesday 26 September at the Highway in Glenelg when the first ever 17-round draft gets underway.

There are so many questions to answer. How will the GMs attack the draft in a new and unfamiliar format? Do you chase after that big arm or big bat early? Which positions are in need? Will there be a reach? Will a good player fall into a later round?

This is going to be fun. By the way, the whole BSA community is invited to the draft on Wednesday. It’s free to go, there will be presentations and jersey revelations. There’s no better way to start the season.

Draft-02 (1)
But back to it. If you’re a bit behind, let’s catch you up. Then we’ll get into looking at some of the big name arms that could go early in the draft.

Back in June we announced four dynamic General Manager and Coaching combinations to run the teams – the Wasps, Clippers, Crushers and Carp. Each team was left to sign four marquee players from BaseballSA community to build their team around.

They could choose anyone – import, local, pitcher, batter – and each team presented their own style of business and building. You’d have to choose carefully because this format is only 7 innings, or a two-hour timed game, and pitchers can have a pitch count of 40 and an inning count of two.

Now they have to fill out the rest of their rosters. That’s where the draft comes in.

Over 120 players have nominated for the draft but only 68 players will be selected in Wednesday night’s 17-round draft. Teams will have to fill positional needs, have a strategy, put together a roster and then bring that squad to life on the playing field for an October 10 first game.

It’s like a fantasy baseball league in South Australia – but in real life.

Before we get into the pitchers, let’s take a look at each team’s marquee players. This is important because just by looking at the teams you can probably guess what positions they’ll be looking at early in the draft.

Please note there have been a couple changes:
1. The Carp announced pitcher Tyler Thompson as their fourth marquee
2. The Crushers added 3x Capps Medalist Nick Talbot to their roster after it was revealed Gary Owens would not be in Australia until mid-season
3. With Catcher Bas Nooij set to miss a significant portion of the season, the Wasps added pitcher Tom Fitzgerald (Kensington) to the squad.


CARP – GM Mark Haylock, Coach Paul Green
CLIPPERS – GM Chris Lawson, Coach Paul Mildren
CRUSHERS – GM Michael Dunn, Coach Scott Gladstone
WASPS – GM Scott Pratt, Coach Adrian Chenoweth


Last week the draft order was randomly selected. It will be a 17-round “snake draft”. If you pick first in one round, you will pick last in the next. Check it out below:

Draft Order-01

Pitching is going to be crucial in this competition and there are plenty of quality players who nominated.  Each team needs a minimum of four pitchers to get through a game. You’d think that the team with the best rotation has a serious advantage.

While there are 120 players who have registered, and many of them will bring big benefits to each team, we narrowed it down to 10 pitchers based on performance in the SABL and Australian Baseball League in recent time. We realise this is just a subjective list – on draft day anything could happen!

– Chris Burkholder (Glenelg): He had a dominating season as an import for Glenelg on the mound in 17/18. Burkholder a dumbfounding 1.05 ERA with 50 strikeouts and also had a scoreless relief appearance with the Bite.

Chris Burkholder had as good of a season on the mound as we’ve seen in 2017/18

 Dushan Ruzic (Port Adelaide): A mainstay of the Australian national team for nearly a decade. Loads of ABL experience and a match-up nightmare.

– Taylor Travess (West Torrens): West Torrens’ import out of Oregon University can pitch and hit. Seems to be ‘Taylor-made’ for this format

– Anthony Herrera (Port Adelaide): Port Adelaide’s import is a dual threat as well. With a history for bringing over Capps-Medalists what does this Port import have in store for us this year?

– Ryan Duncan (East Torrens): Experience with the Bite and a solid season at East Torrens will make him a useful arm on any team

– Tim Day (Glenelg): A 3.41 ERA for Glenelg last season and regular time with the Bite has Day as a marked commodity in the eyes of GMs.

– Tyler Chappell (Sturt): Side-armer with ABL experience with the Adelaide Bite the past two seasons. Had a sub 3.50 ERA with Sturt last season and works well in a bullpen role.1718-ab-timdayv2

– Will Korteekas (Woodville): The 17-year-old got a game with the Bite last year but has come up clutch for South Australia at the Senior League, U18 and U16 level.

– Tyson McKee (Port Adelaide): 17-year-old McKee had a 2.73 ERA in his first season with major responsibility in the SABL before an injury cut his time short.

– Nathan Vanderlinden (West Torrens): You could put him as a hitter but he had a 7-1 record with a 2.64 ERA in the SABL in 2017/18. He’s also won the Grand Final MVP in 2016/17 for West Torrens.


Nathan Vanderlinden can play every position on the field, including pitch.

There are a few more pretty intriguing options. Who would you take in the draft?

Would you take a pitcher or batter with your first pick? What is your strategy. Let us know in the comments below.

We’ll take a look at the big bats later in the week.

See you on Draft Night!

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Super League Draft Details

The SLBA inaugural draft is almost here! With over 100 players registered and just 68 being drafted, make sure you are there to see who is drafted or register to be drafted yourself! You can’t be drafted if you aren’t registered so register today!

There will be 17 rounds of the initial draft followed by 4 rounds of a rookie draft with 60 seconds allowed for each pick. 6:00 pm arrival with the first pick being made at 6:45 pm. Food and drink will be available for purchase at the event. This will be a great way to get the inaugural SLBA season started!

Draft-02 (1)


SLBA teams fill marquee player spots – Announcements and Analysis

With less than three weeks until the draft, the four inaugural Super League teams have filled up most of their marquee spots.

The Crushers, Wasps and Clippers have named their four key players who will suit up on their teams this year while the Carp still have one spot to fill.

Each team is permitted to name four ‘marquee’ players before the September 26 draft at the Highway in Glenelg.

Now, the GMs turn their focus to picking from a talented pool of player who have registered to play in the new Wednesday competition featuring the best talent in South Australian Baseball.

Let’s review each of the teams, where they stand, and what they may need. Baseball Australia Hall-of-Famer and Adelaide Giants legend Andrew Scott had his expert take on each of the team’s rosters so far.

Have a look below.



Crushers-01Coach: Scott Gladstone
GM: Michael Dunn

  1. Landon Hernandez, Catcher, Henley and Grange – A former Bite player who has finished second in Capps Medal voting the last two seasons.
  2. Josh Cakebread, 2B, Goodwood – A former cornerstone of the Bite and SA Claxton Shield sides, key part of the 2018 Goodwood premiership side
  3. Jeremy Cresswell, SS, Goodwood – Formed a dynamic duo with Cakebread for years across all levels. Now moves to the Crushers.
  4. Gary Owens, OF, Woodville – Five years of consistency and leadership with Senators in the SABL, a handful of Bite games, and lots of experience in Europe makes this a great pick

What GM Michael Dunn is saying: My aim in picking marquee players was to have a solid spine with senior guys who can execute plays when needed under pressure.  This is a pretty good 1-4 hitting line up without any draft players or import players. We will have some good power surrounded by some speed to score runs quickly in the shortened format of the Super League style. These are four very strong leaders who’s reputations are unquestionable in SA baseball.

Andrew Scott’s “Expert” Take: It’s a strong spine up the middle with a quality catcher. The double play combination up the middle is as good as it gets. They’ll need to look for some pitching in the draft to adapt to this year’s format. Their GM is their weak link in the competition.


ClippersCoach: Paul Mildren
GM: Chris Lawson

  1. Dylan Brammer, INF/P, Southern Districts – The reigning back to back SABL Capps medalist gives the Clippers a great 2-way option.
  2. Terrell Joyce, OF, Sturt – A back-to-back SABL All-Star and ex-Astros minor leaguer. He has big league “pop” and will anchor the heart of the line up. Can also pitch.
  3. Jordan McArdle, 1B, Sturt – One of SA’s best young players who plays in Arizona’s MLB system. At 20 he is a young, big-hitting lefty who can chew up the middle of a line up.
  4. Evan LeBlanc, OF, Kensington – A professional hitter and leader who knows what it takes to win. 3x SABL all-star.

What GM Chris Lawson is saying: We have recruited great “people” whom will bring a fun and exciting brand of baseball to the field. In going after our marquee players we looked to cover as many positions as possible, with athletes that show flexibility in the field. Come draft day this will give us some room to pick the best available players, rather than selecting purely by a positional needs basis.

Andrew Scott’s “Expert” Take: This is as experienced and as powerful as a line-up as it comes in this competition. The additions of Terrell and Brammer are key as they can both pitch which will be very handy in this format. They’ll need to add some guys who can get on base, preferably guys who have speed, so the big boppers can drive them home.


wasp_FB (1)Coach: Adrian Chenoweth
GM: Scott Pratt

  1. Bas Nooij, Catcher, Kensington – Adelaide Bite player, SABL All-Star and a Dutch national team player with some skill behind the plate and in the batter’s box.
  2. Stefan Welch, 3B, Goodwood – Maybe the most prolific South Australian player in the modern-day ABL. He leads the Bite’s all-time hit, home run and RBI list. As good a guy, and as good a player, as it comes in the SABL.
  3. Austin Gallagher, INF, Kensington – Serious power and a 2-time SABL All-Star is as many year’s in the competition. He brings pop, pedigree and a sure-fire bat in the middle of the line up. A former 3rd round pick of the LA Dodgers.
  4. Jackson Brebner Russ, P, Sturt – A converted pitcher from his days as a catcher, “JBR” can pitch and hit. He has a couple year’s experience as a pitcher with the Adelaide Bite and keeps developing his stuff to be one of the best in South Australia.

What GM Scott Pratt is saying: We’ve got two of the most damaging hitters in the SABL which combined is guaranteed to provide some STING for the line-up for the Wasps. It’s important we can have guys that can generate runs with the long-ball but also be consistent hitters. We have [some of] the best in the competition.

Andrew Scott’s “Expert” Take: Getting two left-handed power hitters is massive for the Wasps and will cause some match-up nightmares. They have a solid C/P combination already sorted and guys that can play a few different positions. You’d think they need to add another pitcher to the line up as well as some speed on the bases.


carp_FBCoach: Paul Green
GM: Mark Haylock

  1. Mason Clavell, Catcher, Glenelg – One of the best young talents in the country was a key part of the U16, U18 and Adelaide Armada teams that recently won national championships. He may be young but his experience is chalking up, trademarked by time with the Bite in 2017-18.
  2. Curtis Mead, 2B, West Torrens – Curtis has had a big couple years for SA baseball and was rewarded with a minor league contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. The 17-year-old hit .374 as a rookie with the Adelaide Bite and is considered one of the best Australian prospects in a long time.
  3. Wilson Lee, P/OF, Woodville – Wilson has almost a decade of experience with the Bite both as a pitcher and a hitter. He will add a powerful bat that has a proven track-record in the middle of the line-up for Woodville. He also is a perennial contender for pitcher of the year in the SABL.

What GM Mark Haylock is saying: The Carp looks to develop young Bite prospects to the next level by giving them exposure and opportunity in this Super League.  Curtis Mead (SS) and Mason Clavell (C) are two of the most exciting prospects in the State. Both will hold down key infield positions and hit strongly in this league.  Wilson Lee (P) is a strong 2 way player who can feature on the hill, as a utility in the field and provide strong offence in the box. A hot commodity in this off season of district Club ball, Lee spends our off seasons playing in Europe.

Andrew Scott’s “Expert” Take: There’s a lot to like about this young team. They have some of the most versatile players in the state who can play multiple positions and will bring tremendous energy to the game. It will be a fun environment but I suspect the Wasps will need to add some experience to the roster to settle down the young, energetic heads that will be out on the diamond. 


Before the draft occurs, Andrew Scott gives his first edition of the “POWER RANKINGS” based on these Marquee Players.

  1. Clippers
  2. Wasps
  3. Carp
  4. Crushers

Scotty says: “The Clippers have so much experience, power and a couple guys that can pitch. That gives them the edge.”


What do you think of the teams?

Draft-02 (1)

Super League Draft Location Announced

Lock it in your calendars! Wednesday September 26 is going to be a historic day for the first season of Super League Baseball Adelaide.

With all teams having their Marquee players set the rest of the rosters will be filled.

Exact details are to become but we do know the following:
– Be at the Highway in Glenelg at 6:00PM on September 26
– Be ready to drink a beer (or two!)
– Settle in and watch the draft unfold.

Want to register for the draft? You can do so by clicking here.