Baseball South Australia is excited to announce a new High-Performance initiative, the Baseball SA “Super League Baseball – Adelaide”.

The competition will see four drafted teams participating in a 9-week competition, with a Semi Final and Grand Final after the regular season matches. Each team will play each other a total of 3 times in the minor rounds. Games will be played on Wednesday evenings at 6pm and 8:30pm at Adelaide Shores Baseball Complex.

The competition is designed to feature the best players in South Australian baseball and provide a challenge for coaches and players.

Each game will consist of seven innings and speed up rules. Every game will be gold coin entry to attend with full production in the stadium.

There will be unique rules like a pitch limit which limits a pitcher to either six outs or forty pitches.


The new Super League format will meet several High-Performance objectives including;

1. High Performance: the league will provide pathways for athletes to develop, improve and achieve.


2. Player Participation and Development: To continue to develop both players and coaches, whilst providing talent identification and athlete pathways.


3. Coach Development: Provide additional High-Performance coaching opportunities for the state’s elite coaches, whilst increasing the number of coaches being exposed to a high level of play.


4. Communication and Profile: The league will engage areas both internally and externally, creating linkage between sports and non-sports organisations using sponsorship.
The showcasing of the best talent from the local competition on a weekly basis aims to grow the following of baseball, which will lead to further participation at all levels. The heightened level of competition will aid in best preparing South Australian teams for National Championship success and athletes for ABL and National team selection.
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