Crushers Thump Clippers 14-2 to Advance to Grand Final

The Dunmark Crushers lived up to their name with a massive 14-2 victory over the Clippers in the 2018 Super League Preliminary Final.
It was the most dominant display in an otherwise very tight inaugural SLBA season. In a season where we entered the final week with all teams within a win, this game was anything but close.
“It was pretty dominant,” said Crushers infield Jeremy Cresswell after the game. “Everybody in the line up is dangerous and we all got hot and peaked at the right time.”

Cresswell himself had a leading four of the 15 team hits in the landslide win.

“It was a well documented slow start to the season for me. Everyone seemed to be waiting me to pick it up and I did so it feels good.

The strange thing about the sport of baseball is while the score was a blowout, you can always trace it down to that one little moment when it was close.

Baseball can be a fickle game. Perhaps like no other sport the small margins are magnified.

Clippers starter Tim Day had bases loaded and two outs with Gary Owens coming to the plate in the first.

Owens chopped the ball on what looked like a routine ground out but just beat the throw to first. Had he been a second slower the Clippers would have been out of the inning in a scoreless game.

Instead a Bruce Wang 2-RBI hit and a three-run Nick Talbot moon shot launched the Crushers to a 6-0 lead.

Little margins, little differences and a slight extra burst of speed to beat out the throw made a massive difference. Had the game remained tied, perhaps it would have had a different feel. Instead, the Crushers dominated.
The Clippers didn’t quit, however. Just like the team that started 0-3 and clawed their way back into a playoff spot, the Clippers scrapped their way back in the ballgame.

A sacrifice fly in the second inning and an Alex Carter solo shot in the fourth moved the boat men within four runs.

That quickly disappeared.

The Crushers kept flexing their muscles and grinded out two more runs by playing small ball in the fourth.

In the fifth, a barrage of singles from Anthony Herrera, Josh Cresswell and Matt Hutchings, Josh Cakebread and Ben Andrews further drove the nail in the coffin, pushing the Clippers out to a 13-2 lead.

The Crushers added another in the sixth.

In the end, all but one of the Crushers starting nine had a hit. The only member that didn’t was Landon Hernandez – who was 0-1 with two walks. Jeremy Cresswell led the way with four hits.

15 hits, 14 runs, and one ticket booked to the Grand Final. It was a dominating display.

At 7:00PM on Wednesday 19 December the Crushers will take on the minor-premier Carp in a battle for the first ever championship title.

Stay tuned for Grand Final details.


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