By: Chelsea Deckert and Jillian Davis 

And just like that, we are down to our last round of the first season of Super League Baseball. The Super League is set for a massive final week with all four teams separated by just one win. 

In round 8, we saw the Carp take a 5-3 win over the Wasps. The Carp are now in first place with 12 points. They could finish anywhere from first or third, though, with the Clippers and Crushers tied on 10 points and the Wasps hang at the bottom with 9 points.  

In the final round, the Clippers and Carp play the first game at 6 PM for an automatic grand final spot while the JSR Plumbing Wasps and the Dunmark Crushers play after at 8:30 PM in an elimination game. 

You don’t want to miss this last round of SLBA so get down to West Beach tomorrow night and see who makes the Grand Final! 

GAME ONE: Clippers vs. Carp 

FIRST PITCH: 6:00pm (7 innings or 2 hours)  

This season so far: This game is effectively a ‘Major Semi Final’ with the winner going straight through to the Grand Final and the loser getting a second chance game vs. the winner of the “minor semifinal.” A ticket to the Championship game is on the line.  

Players to Watch:  

Blake Farr (Carp): The Adelaide Bite stud went three for four last week in the big win against the JSR Plujmbing Wasps. Farr played a huge role in helping the Carp clinch the playoff spot and is someone to keep an eye out for in the last couple games of the season.  

Nathan Van Der Linden (Carp): Van Der Linden has proved to be a versatile player throughout the Super League season, but he’ll surely be a threat on the mound for the Carp in the finals.  

Terrell Joyce (Clippers): Joyce has had a great season so far with his time at Sturt and with the Clippers during Super League. Last week, Joyce went one for three with two RBI’s and was the Highway Player of the Game the week before.  

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: This will be an interesting one. As both teams stayed at the bottom of the ladder for the majority of the season, they proved everyone wrong as the underdogs. We think this will be a close one, but were going to go with the Carp on this one.  

Score Prediction: Carp, 5-3 

round 9

GAME TWO: JSR Plumbing Wasps vs. Dunmark Crushers 

FIRST PITCH: 8:30pm (7 innings or 2 hours)  

This season so far: It’s simple: Win or Go Home. Welcome to an elimination final in the last minor round game of the season. The winner of this game will advance to the playoffs to play the loser of Carp vs. Crushers. The loser will sit at home next Wednesday night tuning into the Spacequake Sports Livestream powered by Blackchrome. 

Players to Watch:  

Jackson BrebnerRuss (Wasps): JBR pitched two shutout innings in last week’s game and struck out two. Throughout the entire season, he’s thrown eight total innings and given up only one run.  

Austin Gallagher (Wasps): Gallagher recently just signed with the Adelaide Bite and has been threat for weeks now. Last week, he went two for three with two RBI’s and was named Highway Player of the Game the week before.  

Anthony Herrera (Crushers): Herrera will be heavily relied on this week as the Crushers try to clinch a playoff spot. He can hit, he’s solid defensively and can performs incredibly well on the mound.  

Landon Hernandez (Crushers): He can hit the ball. It’s as simple as that. Hernandez went one for three with an RBI last week but continues to show  

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip:  We’re going to choose the JSR Plumbing Wasps this round strictly because we want to see Matt Rabies get the W. We also think Rabies has a mean curveball that could potentially save the Wasps this game

Score Prediction: Wasps, 8-5

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