By: Chelsea Deckert and Jillian Davis 

 Last week, Super League was unfortunately cancelled. Round 7 will be considered a washout and we will continue with round 8 tomorrow night as scheduled. The games for round 7 will NOT be replayed. 

We are now down to the last two games of Super League and the competition is on fire. It’s looking to be a nice night, so get down to West Beach to watch your favorite teams battle head to head. With many possible outcomes, this round will show who will have a reserved spot in the Grand Final and who will need that extra win to enter. We are eager to see who will make it so stick around to find out!  

GAME ONE: Carp vs. JSR Plumbing Wasps 

FIRST PITCH: 6:00pm (7 innings or 2 hours)  

This season so far: The Carp were recently on fire but had their winning streak shot down last round by the Clippers. The JSR Plumbing Wasps have a record of 3-3 and defeated the Dunmark Crushers last round in a 10-2 game. This should surely be an interesting game as one team has established dominance in the league, and another has been on the come up for a few weeks now. The winner of tonight’s matchup will automatically clinch a playoff spot. 

 Players to Watch:  

 Nathan Van Der Linder (Carp): Van Der Linden was a fierce threat on the mound last week when he had five strikeouts in two innings pitched. Van Der Linden is a great utility player and takes advantage of any position he’s put in. He has quietly claimed himself as the third strikeout leader in the league.   

Wilson Lee (Carp): Lee remains a player to watch as he continues to drive runs in for the Carp every week. After adding two more last week, Lee leads in RBI’s in the league with seven, with Ben Andrews from the Crushers following closely behind with six.   

Tyrone Hambly (JSR Plumbing Wasps): Is that Tyrone? It’s Tyrone, again. Hambly joins the Players to Watch list again this week as he went two for three with two RBI’s and a scored run last Wednesday after crushing the Crushers.   

Austin Gallagher (JSR Plumbing Wasps): Keep an eye out this week for our Highway Player of the Game Austin Gallagher as he went two for four with an RBI and a scored run in round six last week. Though we’re used to seeing him as the Wasps first baseman, Gallagher made his debut behind the plate against the Crushers and did an awesome job defensively.   

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: After the Carp’s run was ended by the Clippers in a 9-3 loss, it’ll be interesting to see how they bounce back against the JSR Plumbing Wasps tomorrow night. The Wasps also defeated the Dunmark Crushers last week by 8 runs in a 10-2 final, so we’re going to have to hope the Hive will be buzzin’ at West Beach because we’re going with the JSR Plumbing Wasps on this one  

Score Prediction: Clippers 4, 2

FB Cover R8-01

 GAME TWO: Dumark Crushers vs. Clippers 

FIRST PITCH: 8:30pm (7 innings or 2 hours)  

This season so far: The Dunmark Crushers have continuously shown they are a threat in the league, but after last week’s performance we have seen that they do indeed have weak spots. After a tough start in the league for the Clippers, hopefully they start getting on a roll now as they’ve taken their first two wins in the past two rounds. This matchup should be exciting as a win or a loss for either team will shift the ladder. If the Crushers defeat the Clippers tonight, they’ll automatically clinch a playoff spot.  

Players to Watch:  

Timothy Day (Clippers): Day had a killer game last week on the mound with four strikeouts in two innings pitched. Day now leads in the league for strikeouts with a total of eleven so far this season.   

Jordan McArdle (Clippers): McArdle had his first homerun of the Super League season last Wednesday and went one for two at the plate. He also had two scored runs and three RBI’s. The Adelaide Bite golden boy is always full of surprises, including his last-minute change of a walkup song where he hit a homer to the tune of Let It Go from Frozen.   

Ben Andrews (Crushers): Though the Crushers had a tough time competing with the JSR Plumbing Wasps last week, Andrews seemed to contribute most with one hit and one RBI. He also still leads in the homeruns in the league and is in second place for RBI’s.  

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: The Crushers have led in the ladder for the entire season. Though they’ve had some losses in the past few weeks, this game is crucial for their spot in the playoffs, so we’re really pulling for them.  

Score Prediction: Crushers, 6-4. 

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