By: Chelsea Deckert and Jill Davis

We are now down to the last four games of Super League and the competition is on fire. The Dunmark Crushers remain in lead with the Carp coming up closely behind. The Dunmark Crushers ended their game last week in the Super League’s first ever tie against the Clippers ending with in a 3-3 score. The Clippers remain at the bottom of the ladder but will be looking for a solid win this week and to advance in the ladder.

The Carp continued their winning streak last week as they took down the JSR Plumbing Wasps who have now lost the last three games. The Carp are heated up and quickly boosting their chances to get to the Grand Final, as the Wasps are falling quickly behind. The Carp beat the Wasps 0-7 last week, so we will see if they can redeem themselves tonight and grab a win.

It’s looking to be a nice night, so get down to West Beach to watch your favorite teams battle head to head. We are past the halfway mark in the Super League and eager to see who will make it to the Grand Final. Stick around to find out!

round 6

GAME ONE: Dunmark Crushers vs. JSR Plumbing Wasps

FIRST PITCH: 6:00 PM (7 innings or 2 hours)

This season so far: This week, we watch the Dunmark Crushers take on the JSR Plumbing Wasps in the first game of round 6. The Wasps have been struggling as they haven’t seen a win in three weeks and are desperate for redemption. The Crushers settled for a tie last week in a close 3-3 game with the Clippers. We will see tonight if the Crushers remain in lead.

Players to watch: 

Anthony Herrera (Dunmark Crushers): Last week against the Clippers, Herrera went two for three at bat and also had three strike outs in two innings pitched. Herrera has been a threat both offensively and defensively throughout the entire Super League and will continue to be in these next four rounds.

Landon Hernandez (Dunmark Crushers): Hernandez has been on fire as he went two for four last week with three RBI’s. This guy has got some power behind him and has been a key player for the Crushers throughout the Super League.

Jackson Brebner-Russ (JSR Plumbing Wasps): JBR has proved to be one of the best pitchers in the Super League. Last week, he had five strikeouts in 2 innings pitched. The Wasps may be looking for him to step up after a tough 7-0 loss to the Carp in round five.

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: The JSR Plumbing Wasps seem to be struggling a bit lately, making us lean towards the Dunmark Crushers on this one. We predict this will be a close one, so don’t miss it.

Score Prediction: Dunmark Crushers, 3-2

GAME TWO: Carp vs. Clippers

FIRST PITCH: 8:30 PM (7 innings or 2 hours)

This season so far: Both of these teams have been on the come up since round three and have proved the entire league wrong. Last week, the Clippers put up an absolute fight with the first ranked Dunmark Crushers which ended in an international tie. On the other end, the Carp demolished the Wasp’s hive and buried it, defeating them 7-0. Both teams had a rocky start, but it’s been fun seeing them rise above the criticism.

Players to watch: 

Curtis Mead (Carp): Mead went two for three with three of the seven Carp runs last week in round five. He’s been consistent throughout the entire league and remains a player to watch for another week.

Angus Roeger (Carp): The Adelaide Bite veteran went two for three with an RBI against the JSR Plumbing Wasps last week. Like his teammate Curtis Mead, Roeger has also been consistent at bat and heavily contributes to the teams wins.

Alex Carter (Clippers): Carter went two for four last week with an RBI as the Clippers tied with the Dunmark Crushers. Let’s see if he can keep it up this week against the Carp who are on a great run.

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: We’re anticipating this matchup to be one of the best of the Super League yet. We’re going to have to go with the Carp on this one, since they were doubted and have been coming out on top for the last three rounds.

Score Prediction: Carp, 6-4

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