Super League Baseball

Super League Baseball – Adelaide held it’s mid-season draft on Friday. Each team added the following players to their teams. The order was in reverse of the standings.

The selections are as follows:

Clippers – Theo Lakmeche, Catcher. Theo is a member of the French national team and plays for Woodville in the SABL.

Carp – Patrick Inglis, Port Adelaide. Inglis has been a solid mainstay in the Port Adelaide outfield and has helped the Magpies get to back-to-back SABL Grand Finals.

JSR Plumbing Wasps – Bas Nooij, Kensington. Bas has been on the Bite for the past two seasons and has emerged as one of the most reliable catchers in the ABL.

Dunmark Crushers – Pass. The Crushers have decided the stand pat with their roster. They’re happy with their roster and have plenty of depth.

In addition, each team could add a mid-season marquee spot. They are as follows:

CLIPPERS have added Adelaide Bite star Jordan McArdle. 

McArdle is just returning from the U-23 World Cup in Columbia. In Columbia, McArdle hit three homeruns, eight RBI’s, and seven hits. McArdle is sure to be a threat in the Super League and will hopefully lead the Clippers to more than one win this season.

CARP have added Adelaide Baseball Club’s Josh LaPiana

Lapiana is batting a .417 after four games played for the Angels, including five hits and three RBI’s. Throwing Lapiana’s big bat in the mix will surely help the Carp as they have just advanced to 2-2 in the league this past week.

JSR PLUMBING WASPS have added University of North Carolina Asheville import Justin Woods.

Woods joins other Super League Stars Dalton Probert, Jay Sanderson and Ryan Duncan at the East Torrens as a right-handed pitcher and outfielder this season. The North Carolina native ended his 2017 season with a 3.22 ERA and a .212 batting average. Adding another American in the mix should translate well, as his numbers show he could do some serious damage as a right-handed pitcher.

DUNMARK CRUSHERS have added head coach at Woodville Baseball Club, Gary Owens. 

Owens is a five-year returning import and has been a perineal All-Star in SABL. As he has experienced past playing time with the Bite, we are excited to see what this centerfielder and relief pitcher will bring to the Dunmark Crushers.

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