By: Jill Davis and Chelsea Deckert 

In the tilt for the top last Wednesday, only one team could move to 3-0. While the Wasps put forth the effort for the top, the Crushers are the ones who took the lead with a game ending score of 6-2 during Round Three of SLBA. The Carp entered the battle with the Clippers as both teams stood 0-2. The Carp landed a 9-2 victory over the Clippers and put their name in ranking.  

Will the Clippers make their comeback tomorrow night when new players are added for much needed help? And will the Crushers remain in the lead after Round Four? We will see next Wednesday as the Crushers face the Carp at 6:00 PM and the Clippers face the Wasps at 8:30 PM.  

This week, we will have Triple M Radio Station and Rock Patrol joining us for an exciting night of baseball at West Beach! You won’t want to miss this one as they will be bringing the fun with Inflatable soccer goals as well as a free BBQ starting at 6 PM. I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween night! 

Along with Triple M and Rock Patrol, the canteen is running until 9:30 PM and the bar is of course open. There are no excuses not to be at West Beach Wednesday night!

 This week’s match-ups:



First Pitch: 6:00pm (7 innings or 2 hours)  

This season so far: The first ranked Dunmark Crushers are currently undefeated in the league and have established themselves as a threat. With standout players like Matt Hutchings, Ben Andrews and Landon Hernandez, teams are having trouble defending against them. Last week in round three, the Carp got their first huge win against the Clippers scoring nine runs in six innings. Adelaide Bite superstars Curtis Mead, Wilson Lee, Mason Clavell, and Angus Roeger all had two hits each to create a huge foundation for the Carp.  

Players to Watch:  

Matt Hutchings (Dunmark Crushers / Southern Districts): Our Highway Player of the Game this week went two for three with two RBI’s and one scored run for the Dunmark Crushers. Hutchings is also tied for second place in both categories of RBI’s and hits. 

Ben Andrews (Dunmark Crushers / Henley & Grange): Andrews has become a player to watch for the second week in a row for his past two outstanding performances in the Super League. In round three, Andrews went one for two with two RBI’s, one scored run, and another huge two run homerun. He also leads in the league for homeruns and RBI’s and is tied for second place in hits. Somebody stop this man! 


Curtis Mead (Carp / West Torrens): Mead went two for two last Wednesday with two RBI’s and three runs for the Carp as they took their first win against the Clippers. With help from other dominate players on the Carp including Angus Roeger, Wilson Lee, and Highway Player of the Game Blake Farr, the Carp have proven to be on the come up after having a rough start.   

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: Though the Crushers have been absolutely #CrushingIt every week, the Carp really proved that they weren’t who everyone thought they were in round three. We’re really going to pull for the Carp this week and hope they pull off this upset. 

Score Prediction: Carp, 6-5  


First Pitch: 8:30pm (7 innings or 2 hours)  

This season so far: The Clippers are currently ranked last in the ladder with the JSR Plumbing Wasps suffering a tough loss against the Dunmark Crushers last week to take the second seat. In round one of the Super League, the Wasps only defeated the Clippers by one in a close battle until the very last inning. With big bats from Evan LeBlanc (Clippers), Austin Gallagher (Wasps), Dylan Brammer (Clippers) and Stef “The Sheriff” Welch (Wasps), this matchup could get heated just like last time. The Clippers have yet to claim a win, but have a key player coming in this week for the desperate change they need.  

Chris Burkholder (Clippers / Glenelg): The Glenelg superstar returns to Adelaide this week after returning from overseas and winning a championship in the Czech Republic. Battling and overcoming a recent arm injury, this Dartmouth grad is back and better than ever and is ready to help the Clippers when they need it most. 

Jackson Brebner Russ: (JSR Plumbing Wasps / Sturt): Breber Russ has proven to be a duel threat both on the mound and at the plate so far this season. In the first round of the Super League against the Clippers, Brebner Russ had four strikeouts in two innings and quickly made himself known as a dominate pitcher in the league. Can he do it again in this second matchup against the Clippers?  

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: The Clippers are hanging at the bottom of the ladder and unless Chris Burkholder can help them get a win Wednesday night, we are thinking the Wasps will take this victory.  

Score Prediction: Wasps, 4-2 

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