By: Jillian Davis and Chelsea Deckert 

Tonight, the SLBA will see its most exciting night of baseball yet. At 6:00 pm we will watch the 2-0 Dunmark Crushers and the 2-0 JSR Plumbing Wasps battle for the top of the table. We know these two teams won’t go down without a fight, so get down to West Beach tonight to see who will take the lead in SLBA.

At 8:30 pm we will see if the Clippers or the Carp take their first win as they both stand 0-2. With both teams putting up a battle last Wednesday, we are excited to see who will come out on top to take the third spot in SLBA.

Last week we watched Ben Andrews from the Crushers and Evan Leblanc from the Clippers both hit huge homers early in the game, making us wonder who would claim the win. This first game of the night ended in the Crushers defeating the Clippers in a 7-5 battle.

We then saw our third homerun of the night as Tyrone Hambly hit it out of the park leading off the Wasps in their game win against the Carp. Although the Carp fell short of the win, they fought to the finish as the Wasps took the victory in a close 2-3 score.

The exciting thing about the Super League is that you never know what will come next. We are excited to announce that we have launched a mid-season draft taking place 2 November! Click on the mid-season draft link on our website or go to our Facebook page to sign up for the draft and get involved in SLBA!

As always, the bar is open and the canteen is running!

Don’t miss the chance tonight to see these four teams give each other a run for their money in yet another double-header of Super League Baseball!

This week’s match-ups:

Round 3 cover

GAME ONE: JSR Plumbing Wasps vs Dunmark Crushers

First Pitch: 6:00pm (7 innings or 2 hours)

This season so far: Both the Dunmark Crushers and the JSR Plumbing Wasps hold a 2-0 record in the Super League. So far this season, all of the league leaders are currently being held by a Crushers or a Wasps player. Tom Fitzgerald (JSR Plumbling Wasps) leads the league in strikeouts, Ben Andrews (Dunmark Crushers) leads in RBI’s, Todd McDonald (Dunmark Crushers), Ben Andrews (Dunmark Crushers), and Tyrone Hambly (JSR Plumbing Wasps) are all tied in the league for homeruns, and Mitch Lightbody (JSR Plumbing Wasps) leads the league in hits.

Players to Watch: 

The Super League is loaded with the best talent in the state. Here are a few players we are looking forward to seeing in action in Game 3 on Wednesday:

Tom Fitzgerald (Wasps / Kensington): Fitzgerald is leading the league in strikeouts so far with a total of five in three innings pitched. Rumor has it his recent performances in club ball and the Super League has earned him a full-time spot on the senior squad.

Ben Andrews (Crushers / Henley and Grange): Andrews had a huge second round against the Clippers going two for three with two RBI’s and a solo homerun. On top of his offensive game, he’s a killer first baseman. Andrews was also named our Highway Player of the Game in round two.

Tyrone Hambly (Wasps / West Torrens): Is that Tyrone? It’s Tyrone. Hambly became an internet sensation after his first solo homerun in round two of the Super League last week. He went three for four over the weekend playing for the mighty West Torrens club team. Hambly was named the Highway Player of the Game last week.

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: It’ll be a battle between the best offense (The Crushers) and the best defensive team (The Wasps) on Wednesday night. We’re going to have to go with the Crushers on this one. Not only do they have the best offensive team, they know how to defend, too.

Score Prediction: Crushers, 7-5 

GAME TWO: Clippers vs Carp

First Pitch: 8:30pm (7 innings or 2 hours) 

This season so far: Both the Carp and the Sweet Amber Clippers fell to 0-2 in the second round after being defeated by the Wasps and the Crushers. Though their record doesn’t show it, both teams are actually really competitive and always make it a good game.

Players to watch:

Evan LeBlanc (Clippers / Kensington): LeBlanc also went two for three last week including an RBI and his first solo homerun. With this guy, you ask, and you shall receive.

Wilson Lee (Carp / Sturt): The Adelaide Bite superstar is full of talent and somebody that always needs to be watched. He’s got a big bat, a huge arm, and is a great defensive player in the outfield.

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: Though both teams have never lost by a huge deficit, the Clippers always seem to make it a close call. On the other hand, the Carp are very underestimated. We think this will be an awesome game, and we’re going to choose the underdog on this one. Let’s go Carp!

Score Prediction: 4-3 Carp 

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