Super League Baseball Adelaide is excited to announce that there will be 1 mid-season draft round that will take place on 2 November.

With this mid-season draft we will see a roster expansion that continues to expose the best baseball talent in South Australia. We encourage all players who are not involved with SLBA, but would like to be, to register.

The competition is designed to feature the best players in Southern Australian baseball to provide a challenge for coaches. It will also provide another avenue for some of the best young players in the state to take their game to another level. Each game consists of seven innings and speed up rules.

The Super League is free for any player as long as they registered with a local club. All players in baseball South Australia have the ability to nominate for the draft and are encouraged to do so as soon as they can.


In addition to the draft, each club will be allowed to add one mid-season marquee player. This means each team will have to quality players added to the roasters.

For those unfamiliar to ‘Super League Baseball – Adelaide’ (SLBA), this league is a four-team competition that plays every Wednesday night at West Beach between October and Christmas.

The competition sees four teams made up of the best platers in the state participating in a 9-week competition, with a Semi Final and Grand Final after the regular season ends.



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