By Chelsea Deckert and Jillian Davis

It’s that time of the week again. It’s time to watch the best players in South Australia in Round Two of Super League Baseball down at West Beach. We will be starting the night off again at 6:00 PM with a double header of two intriguing baseball games.

We had our first ever home run at SLBA last Wednesday and baseball season is back and better than ever before. The Super League’s opening night saw the Crushers claim a convincing 7-1 win over the Carp and a 4-3 walk-off win by the Wasps against the Clippers.

As we dive into tomorrow night’s games, we are eager to see who takes the lead. Crushers currently lead the SBLA, but will the Wasps come up from second during round 2?

There promises to be highlights both on and off the field including a pop-up bar courtesy of Sweet Amber Brew Café right behind home plate.

Remember, entry is free, the bar is open, the canteen is running, and the quality of competition will be one you won’t want to miss. There’s no excuse not to be at West Beach on Wednesday night!

Still unfamiliar with what the Super League is? Don’t worry. Scroll down or click through our website for more information!

Let’s see what we have going for this week’s match ups.

GAME 1- Dunmark Crushers @ Sweet Amber Clippers

First Pitch: 6:00PM (7-innings or 2 hours)

For the Game Live Stream– Click Here

Beautiful Baseball Wallpaper

The season so far: The Clippers enter the game looking for a win after a heart-breaking walk-off loss to the Wasps in the international speed-up rule. The Crushers look to keep the good times rollin’ after they dismantled the Carp 7-1 in convincing fashion.

Players to Watch: 

The Super League is loaded with the best talent in the state. Here are a few players we are looking forward to seeing in action in Game 1 on Wednesday:

Anthony Herrera (Crushers / Port Adelaide):

Herrera CRUSHED the first round of the Super League and proved to be a key player for the Dunmark Crushers. Herrera was an all-around animal and finished 2 for 3 with 2 RBI’s and then had two strikeouts on the mound. He was also named our Highway Player of the Game. Keep an eye out for this young gun, he won’t be going away.

Dylan Brammer (Clippers / Southern Districts):

The back-to-back Capps Medalist has proved he won’t be backing down. In the one inning he pitched, he threw nine perfect strikes and sat every single player down. He also snagged one of the top spots on the leader board for strikeouts. He will have some competition though, with Henley and Grange’s Landon Hernandez being the runner up two consecutive years in a row.

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: The Crushers and the Clippers game will be a battle till the very end. This week, the Clippers must bear the loss of Jordan McArdle as he plays for Team Australia in Columbia. Will they be able to fill his void?

This game could be a close call to see who comes out on top. We think the Crushers might stay fierce and continue to lead the Super League.

Score Prediction: 6-4, Crushers.

GAME 2- Carp @ JSR Plumbing Wasps

First Pitch: 8:30PM (7-innings or 2 hours)

For the game live stream- CLICK HERE 

baseball background copy.jpg

This season so far: The Wasps enter the game with confidence as they took a huge walk-off win over the Clippers in round one last week. Bite superstar Stef Welch had the walk off single with bases loaded and two outs that drove the winning run in, proving that the Wasps will be a standout team this season.

Players to watch this game:

The Super League is loaded with the best talent in the state. Here are a few players we are looking forward to seeing in action in Game 2 on Wednesday:

Mitch Lightbody (Wasps / Sturt): 

In the first round of the Super League, Lightbody was named our Highway Player of the Game for his outstanding performance. He went 3 for 4 at the plate, including a triple, with an RBI. He also had two-out RBI-hit to tie the game in the bottom of the last. Lightbody also now leads in the league for overall hits.

Angus Roeger (Carp / Sturt):

While Roeger struggled last week in game one, you can only keep one of South Australia’s best in the bay for so long. The Adelaide Bite veteran hit nine homeruns in the ABL last season and was the Carp’s first draft pick. Don’t sleep on him by any means.

Curtis Mead (Carp / West Torrens):

The Adelaide Bite’s Rookie of the Year is a key player to watch this season after he returns to Australia from the Philadelphia Phillies organization. Will he add another trophy to his mantle with the Carp this season?

Jackson Brebner Russ (Wasps / Sturt):

JBR has already shown to be a leader as he secured the top spot in the league for strikeouts early in the game. Brebner Russ had four strikeouts in the two innings he pitched in the first round. We’re looking forward to see if he’ll stay ahead with pitchers like Tom Fitzgerald, Dylan Brammer, Connor Hill, and Matt Watkins not far behind.

Stef Welch (Wasps / Goodwood):

One of South Australia’s best. In the first round of the Super League, Welch hit a walk off single with bases loaded and two outs to win the game for the Wasps. If he keeps this up, we’ll be nicknaming him Captain Clutch.

Jill and Chelsea’s Hot Tip: While everyone may be sleeping on the Carp, they do have Adelaide Bite veteran Angus Roeger, a young gun like Curtis Mead and all-rounder Wilson Lee on the team. As the Wasps come in with confidence this week from last week’s huge win and a stacked roster, anything can happen.

If we had to take a guess at who takes the victory in this match up, we are going with the Wasps, but the Carp won’t go down without a fight.

Score Prediction: Wasps 5, Carp 3

Now let’s take a look at our league leaders:


Todd McDonald – 1


Jackson Brebner Russ – 4

Tom Fitzgerald – 3

Matt Watkins – 3

Connor Hill – 3

Dylan Brammer – 3


Anthony Herrera – 2


Mitch Lightbody – 3

Landon Hernandez – 3

Anthony Herrera – 2

What is the Super League? If you haven’t heard of Super League Baseball Adelaide, we forgive you. It’s Baseball South Australia’s new high-performance competition and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Think a fantasy baseball draft of local Adelaide baseball players in real life.

There are four teams who drafted the best players across 13 metropolitan baseball clubs in South Australia. Each team is run by a prolific coach and general manager combination. The teams – the Carp, Crushers, Clippers and Wasps – are fun and the uniforms are funky.

The rules are also modified. Each game will be played in seven innings or two hours or less. Pitchers can’t throw more than 40 pitches or six outs (whichever comes first). There are speed up rules which encourage pace of play.

It’s short, snappy, and features the best baseball players across SA. It’s a great opportunity to give emerging young talent another competition an avenue to strut their stuff vs. elite talent in this state.

Who are the teams? How were they formed? 

What a great question! The Crushers, Carp, Clippers and Wasps were all formed via the Super League Draft.

BaseballSA asked each coach and general manager to recruit four ‘Marquee’ players to build their club around. They could choose any player they wanted but they could not have more than two players from any one club.

Meanwhile, the baseball community was registering for an SLBA draft. Over 120 players nominated to be drafted with only 17 remaining spots on each team to be build. Being drafted was not a given. On September 26 we held a draft and voila – the teams were formed.

On Wednesday, October 10, we had our season opener for the League. The excitement is buzzing around this league already as we see that the competition is fierce.

Click the links below and find out some more about each!

– Crushers (Coach: Scott Gladstone, GM: Michael Dunn)
– Clippers (Coach: Paul Mildren, GM: Chris Lawson)
– Wasps (Coach: Adrian Chenoweth, GM: Scott Pratt)
 Carp (Coach: Paul Green, GM: Mark Haylock) 

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