Draft Preview: 10 position players who could go early

Which position players could we see go off the board early?

Yesterday we summarised the Super League and took a look at some pitchers who we expect to be early selections in Wednesday’s draft.

Now it’s time to take a look at the players who will round out the line ups.

GMs and Coaches have their core players set and now will be looking to fill positions of need. As Andrew Scott said in September on the team’s marquee spots, most teams have power but who will get on base for them to bring home?

There’s plenty of great options so let’s dive right in with who could be off the board early.

Let us say that two way guys like Anthony Herrera, Nathan Vanderlinden, Taylor Travess and Tim Day were left out of here for this article’s sake. They were listed under pitchers, however, in yesterday’s story. It also does not include big threats like Bas Nooij and Gary Owens who both say the will play in the competition, but will likely wait until the mid-season draft.

Let’s take a look at ten possible players who could be high upside pick ups for any team. Once again, the list is completely subjective and just ten of 120 registered players for the draft. Let’s get started:

– Angus Roeger (OF, Sturt): You’d think the Adelaide Bite regular and former ABL All-Star will be right near one of the first position players picked. Roeger’s best ABL season saw him hit .285 and last season with Sturt he spanked the ball around hitting .387 for the year.

Angus Roeger (above) is one of the most reliable hitters in South Australia

– Dylan Ridding (INF, Sturt): This kid had a big breakout season in 17/18. He hit .407 with Sturt and earned some game time with the Bite. A middle infielder with some big hitting upside will be attractive.

– Griffin Webber (C, West Torrens) – Grif got his first taste of Div. 1 action last season and even a game with the Bite. The U18 National Champion hit .420 in a short 16-game stint that demonstrated what he can do. This sort of competition will be perfect for him to go to the next level.

– Duncan Izaaks (INF, Port Adelaide): He’s been lighting up the SABL for a couple seasons now and can be thrown on the mound as well too. He hit .364 with Adelaide and Port last year.

– Sam McGarry (INF, West Torrens): He hit .361 to really break out last season. Sam was a key part of the Eagles 2017 premiership side and will look to use this competition as a way of improvement.

– Mitch Lightbody (INF, Sturt): Another young gun who is home from a stint at college in the USA. Lightbody has played with the Bite before and is an emerging talent.

YOUTH MOVEMENT: Curtis Mead and Mason Clavell are already slotted in as marquee players and were members of the U18 National Championship team. Players like Harry Knuckey, Grif Weber, Blake Farr, Sean Maple, Blake MacMillan, Will Korteekas, Austin McClure, Joe Gluyas and Tyson McKee have all nominated for the draft. With rising stock and proving talent, they all could be valuable additions to a team.

– Karl Hoshke (OF, East Torrens): Karl has shown some big pop both in the SABL and with the Bite. He was once signed by the Atlanta Braves which shows the sort of talent he has. Can he string together a dominant year patrolling the outfield for one of the four teams?

– Alex Carter (C, Port Adelaide): Port’s keystone catcher had 31 RBI last season. He’s hit some big time home runs and can even jump on the mound if required.

– Harry Knuckey (OF, Sturt): One of the players who has won an U16 and U18 national title in recent years and has been a key part of various state and international teams. He had an memorable debut with the Bite going 3-5 in front of the home fans. As an everyday starter in the SABL last year he hit .270. This league will give the platform to 18-year-olds like Harry a chance to shine vs. the best

Jarryd Farrell is a World Championship silver medalist softballer. How will he go in baseball?

– Jarryd Farrell (Australian National Softball Team): The man they call ‘Chops’ is a member of the national softball team. He has serious pop and can hit a softball a mile. He’s one of – if the the best – pitcher in the country. He’s keen to give the Super League a go. But how will he fare at baseball?

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